I'm not sure this is what I want to report to

For most of my life, I was played a fool.

  • Now, in old age, I am a crucial believer in seeing things for myself before I dare to believe something.

I can hear about something in detail but, I actually have to witness behavior before condemning it. Some stories get passed along with all sorts of things left out or added. However, this particular story was something that I truly didn’t believe I would ever observe in my adult life. I have spent most of our work traveling from market to market working dedicatedly as a sales rep for a genuinely large corporation. This job simply takes me in and out of a lot of HVAC controlled businesses and buildings. After 17 years of that sort of life, I was called up to the corporate offices and received a promotion which meant no more living out of a suitcase but, it also meant a major change. The crucial change was that I would now be now working each day from an office. I have enjoyed traveling but was ready to settle our busy life a bit. But, what I was to witness in our new office may have easily changed our mind. This office culture is so petty, divisive and filled with awful tension. There are truly factions inside the office who try to gang up to control the HVAC setting. It is the most silly thing. The failing HVAC doesn’t think what to do since the setting gets rapidly changed every few hours. And, somehow the bosses seem to believe this is nothing. In our very first meeting with the new boss, I recommended he contract a smart HVAC temperature control installation. If that doesn’t happen, I’m going back out on the road.

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