It Can Pay Off To Help People

A few months ago I started talking to a homeless guy on the street.

I could tell he was desperate, so I gave him a chance.

I asked him how he got into his situation. He said that less than a year ago he had been employed as a Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman, but then he had an operation which led to a drug addiction within a year. I knew a few people who this had almost happened to, and it occurred to me that I could use his help. I had been having serious Heating & Air Conditioning problems & didn’t have the money to get my Heating & Air Conditioning complications resolved. I asked him if in return for his help me with my HVAC questions and needed repairs he would like to stay with me for a few days. He agreed. I warned him that I couldn’t pay him much money right away, but he was just thankful for having a roof over his head & food to eat. He was true to his word & he knew a lot about working on heating & cooling systems. He helped me with scrubbing the HVAC duct. We rented the vacuum similar to the vacuum tools your typical Heating & Air Conditioning companies use. It got a lot of dirt & debris out of the HVAC duct. He checked every part of the system and suggested various replacements & Heating & Air Conditioning tune-ups. Basically I had my own personal Heating & Air Conditioning technician. I paid him a fair amount for his services and knowledge & then he was able to get back on his feet after that. I was really happy to be able to help and he really helped me a lot too.

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