It will handle the humidity, too

Not everybody knows as much about indoor comfort as I do.

In these parts, HVAC is viewed fairly seriously.

Our area gets super warm while in the Summer months, and you can bet on that. The weather here is charming the rest of the year, however, those Summer weeks can be downright brutal. Homeowners in this region generally focus on the cooling side of their HVAC system, which makes sense considering the fact that the Wintertimes here are truly mild. The HVAC plan most utilized in our area is the heat pump. And, it’s not even close when I say that. There are very few other HVAC methods used in the area outside of the usual heat pump, however the heat pump is the easy option for several reasons in these parts. First, the heating and cooling functions are contained nicely in one system. After the Summer is over, if the HVAC temperature control is properly switched to heating, the heat pump simply reverses the efficient refrigerant flow. This way the refrigerant is able to extract unwanted heating energy from the ambient outside air. Actually, it’s awesome because the heat pump is able to heat the lake house this way down into the mid forties. However, the biggest plus, I believe, about the heat pump is its ability to deliver efficient and powerful HVAC cooling to your home. Of course, that is the main focus of the heating and cooling efforts in this entire area of the country. However, the air conditioning readily provided by the heat pump also plays a key role in every household. The HVAC cooling is not only cooling off the volume of inside air. While that is the main thing HVAC cooling is meant to do, it isn’t just blowing canned cold air into the home. I know, it is truly capturing heat energy and exhausting it out through the outdoor system. While it is extracting heat energy, it is also effectively balancing the humidity levels in the home.



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