It’s a good thing I remembered to call up the HVAC company

I do enjoy the fall season very much.

I remember watching the last leaves falling from my tree in the front yard.

We already raked most of the leaves and left them for the pickup service. These last leaves I wouldn’t even bother with because around that time, the winds pick up and blow the leaves somewhere else. It really is not enough to worry about. Soon it would be winter, but that’s when I remembered that I forgot to get my HVAC system tune-up. I must have been caught up with how wonderful the season was with all the beautiful colors of fall and getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I was pretty sure that I wrote it down somewhere to remember to call up the HVAC company, but I don’t know what happened to that note. Anyway, I ended up calling the HVAC company to come get to my HVAC equipment. The HVAC technician was the same guy who would always come out for my HVAC maintenance and repair work. He laughed and said I must have forgotten about my tune-up this year because usually I get it early on in the fall season. I actually told him he was right. It dawned on me when it was late that I needed to get that, otherwise I might have ended up freezing in the winter season with a broken down HVAC machine. He laughed again and assured me that I had nothing to worry about and it was a good thing I remembered to call up the HVAC company.



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