It’s crazy how when you get older and you realize that you have way more responsibilities than when you were a kid. My parents never warned me that I would have to deal with so much as I got older. I wish my parents would have taught me more about running a house when I was a kid because then I might have been a little bit more prepared to deal with the daily life of being an adult. My parents never taught me how to do my taxes, to make sure my bills were being paid and to schedule regular maintenance on my heating and cooling system to ensure that it is always working properly. I had to learn all of these lessons the hard way. The worst lesson I had to learn the hard way was to make sure you always have regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system. This was the most expensive mistake that I made because I didn’t realize I was making it for about six months. So when I had an HVAC tech come out to my house to look at my HVAC system it had so much damage that I had to replace the entire heating and cooling system. I had no idea that replacing my heating and cooling system would be so expensive but I was really shocked that I was going to have to pay that much. After this I made a vow to never let my heating and cooling system go a month without having an HVAC professional look at it to make sure everything was working properly.

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