It’s important to put air quality first for health and safety

My city has finally been lifting a great deal of the pandemic restrictions, but it seems as though it has been forever that I have been stuck inside, only hanging out with my buddies & family over Zoom, & generally being a hermit for the most part… Now that our freedoms are trickling back into our life, I’m not sure how to move forward. For so long I wanted to “get back to normal” & now I realize that I don’t remember what normal really felt like. I no longer have that burning desire to go out & mingle with people, I want to stay inside protected by our Heating and Air Conditioning device & its numerous air filters. Never before in my life have I ever done so much research on air quality, & the things all of us breathe in without actually realizing it. I guess that our cooling device doesn’t deliver a magic shield against the world, however it at least gives myself and others a small bubble. Inside this bubble, the air filters recycle the air over & over, so unless new, outside contaminants are introduced, things stay perfectly clean. With the restrictions being lifted, I don’t want to go out, I want to have a Heating and Air Conditioning tech come over & take a look at our entire system. With air quality being so pressing, I could easily use a tune up, or suggestions on how to improve the air quality even more. Since I am taking my air quality seriously, I should get an expert opinion on more steps I can take for better health & safety.

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