It’s Time To Prepare My AC System For Spring Allergies

Yesterday, I sneezed for the first time in a few months.

At that moment, that first sneeze signalled the sign of spring coming, telling me my allergies were about to flare up.

The weather has been wonderful recently, and there have been small flowers blooming along the outside of my home. While I’m excited to welcome spring and the warmer temperatures it brings, I understand the battle I’m about to face with relentless pollen and dust. I know it is a little early, but I called the HVAC corporation and hired an HVAC professional to come over and service my furnace and air conditioning unit. The same HVAC professional services my HVAC equipment every time, and I adore him. He’s always on time, he takes his time, and he understands my battle with pollen and spring allergies. My spring time HVAC maintenance always takes longer than my winter HVAC maintenance, because the HVAC professional takes extra care of me. He replaces the air filters with a higher grade filter, he makes sure all the equipment is running properly, and he cleans out my air ducts. Cleaning out my air ducts is an added expense, but it truly makes a difference in the quality of my air. So much dust and cobwebs get stuck in the air ducts, which only puts more pressure on my air filters. Having the air filter replaced along with the air ducts cleaned ensures that I can breathe fresh, pollen-free air all spring and summer long.

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