Keeping the stage cool for all the dancers

I’ve typically had a thing for dancers, I suppose it was growing up seeing the old Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers movies that made me feel like that.

They could light a screen for sure! The sad thing is that I am not especially good at dancing, never been any good at it, & I am totally resigned to that fact.

Still, I wanted to be around dancing, & dancers, so I easily attempted to find a way to put me in that same orbit. I didn’t have the wish to be some sort of creeper, hanging out in the shadows, I needed to find a job that put me at this same place. My answer ended up being Heating & A/C appliance repair, which eventually landed me my dream job of being the facilities supervisor at a popular dance studio. It’s a great place too, they offer classes every day & put on weekly dance shows, so they have a fairly crucial Heating & A/C appliance in the building. It took quite a long while for it to hit me that for all these dancers to be up on the stage performing under the overheated lights, they would need a wonderful cooling appliance. As a Heating & A/C appliance worker I have a way to assist these dancers with performing their best, & honestly be sort of like a part of the team. I do this by making sure the stage regularly has the best possible cooling available. It allows the dancers to focus easily on their craft. I sure am glad that I’m wonderful enough at my job so I can manage the cooling appliance & still have plenty of time to watch the dancers do their regular practice. This is truly the reason I got this job to begin with!



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