Leadership workshops because I can’t manage my new team

I was recently promoted to manage a group of 5 people at work, then for awhile it had been a rocky road… My people did not respect me as their boss… They turned projects in late or incomplete, and a lot of them left on long supper breaks or just left labor early, however when I would talk to them about their behavior they just brushed me off, but i knew our issue was being too nice.

I did not think how to toughen up plus really be a fantastic boss.

I bought some books plus learn things online, but nothing unquestionably helped. I then saw that there were leadership workshops in our area. It sounded kind of odd taking a leadership development class, even though I really needed it. What was unquestionably nice is that the workshop paired you one on one with a company coach. I told him the issue was not with the business, but with me. I was not an effective team leader. The company coach was enjoyable about putting a strategy in place. Together the two of us developed rules plus consequences for cutting them, then every one of us discussed positive but actionable feedback given to the workers. The company coach even did a few mock scenarios with me where I was the employee plus he was the boss reprimanding behavior. After the leadership workshops I felt so much more confident as a boss. I really had a method plus felt practiced in how I execute it. Work has been going so much better for me now. I guess love a whole current guy at the office.

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