Living in a large house is expensive to heat and cool

There is only one thing that I miss about living in our little one bedroom apartment and that is how cheap it was to heat and cool the place.

We hardly paid anything in gas or electric.

I had gotten so used to it that when we finally moved into our dream home, I was definitely caught off guard by the prices of our electric bill and gas bill. We lived in a one bedroom apartment with three children which was a nightmare, but we did it for many years. We looked and looked for a house that was within our price range yet still very nice, but we did not find one for many years. My husband worked so hard to try and find a place, and when we finally found the house of our dreams, we were ecstatic! We were able to move into the new house within just a few weeks because it had been empty for awhile. It is a beautiful two story house, and it has a three car garage which my husband absolutely loves. The kids each have their own bedroom now instead of sharing part of the living room. It is really a dream come true for our family. The only issue that I have is the heating and cooling bills. During the summertime, we spend over eight times as much on our electric bill than we did before because of the central air conditioning system. Of course, I knew that the bills would go up, but I guess was just not prepared for how much the bills would go up.

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