Living in a remote area and needing heating repair

My house is located in an extremely remote area, on a dirt road.

There are no neighbors within twenty miles of us.

We are surrounded by woods and enjoy a great deal of privacy. A car rarely drives by, and it’s quiet and peaceful. There’s no need to lock the doors and my kids have plenty of space to ride their dirt bikes. There are some drawbacks to being so far away from civilization. I’m required to drive a long distance just to visit the dentist, put gas in my car or see a movie at a theater. Fortunately, most of our needs can be solved through online purchasing. We order groceries, shoes, tools and all sorts of household items over the internet and everything is delivered to our door. It is difficult to schedule maintenance and repairs on essential systems, such as electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling. The repairmen have trouble finding my house and most of them are reluctant to travel such a significant distance to provide service. I pay extra for maintenance on my heating and cooling units. I make sure to keep the furnace, air conditioner and all of our appliances in good working order. I don’t want my family to be without heat, hot water or air conditioning during times of extreme weather. Just last November, I noticed that the heater wasn’t operating properly. I immediately called for repair. The forecast was predicting sub zero temperatures and several feet of snow accumulation. I made certain to offer detailed directions to the HVAC contractor. He still drove right by my house without stopping.

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