Living with a HVAC technician

My husband and I have been married for quite some time now.

As a matter of fact, we just celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary. It wasn’t always easy being married to him because he is quite a character. He loves playing jokes on people and most of the time, he is playing them on me. Then he pretends he is fishing and I am the fish he caught. Our kids found it quite funny when they were little, now they get tired of him playing tricks on them. Like last year, our daughter came over to ask him some questions about her air conditioner. She told him that she was hearing some really odd noises coming from it. Now, my husband is a HVAC contractor so they all take his word to be truth when we are talking about a problem with their heating or air conditioning.He asked her if she had checked out the chiller and she told him no. He said that she had to test the chiller to see if it were working by putting it in the freezer. If the ice thawed then there is a problem with the chiller. I was standing behind her and I made a face at him because I had never heard of this kind of nonsense. Our daughter was looking for paper so he could tell her where the chiller was and how to remove it, when he began to laugh and throw out his pretend fishing pole. He told her he would be over in about fifteen minutes to check out the air conditioner.


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