Mice in the ductwork

For the past few days I have been hearing the weirdest noises coming from my ductwork. I woke up in the middle of the night and woke up my husband because I was so freaked out by the noise. He thought I had just wanted too many scary movies and told me to go back to sleep. However, I was not able to go to sleep because I kept hearing these noises. So the next day I decided to call a local HVAC company to come over to the house and check out the ductwork. My husband thought I was crazy but that didn’t stop me from calling the HVAC company. Once the HVAC tech came to the house I showed him where the vent for the ductwork was and he started his search in the ductwork. Well, after looking in the ductwork for about ten minutes he came out and told me that he saw mouse droppings in the ductwork and that meant that the noise I was hearing at night was mice running around. I was so freaked out about this and called an exterminator that the HVAC tech recommended to me. I am so grossed out that there were mice in the ductwork and can’t wait to be able to sleep soundly again! Now my husband is going to have to listen to me when I say that I hear something in the ductwork because it really could be the mice coming back to the house.

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