Mold all over the place

A couple of days ago, I noticed something gross on the window sill in our dining room! It has been particularly sizzling plus rainey where I live lately, and I was thinking that maybe some dirt from the garden was blown on to the outside of the window.

I forgot about seeing this for a while plus went about our day.

Around noon, I walked back in the dining room plus saw the gross black spot on the window component cooling system. I was particularly upset that this spot might grow even larger and at that point I would not be able to get rid of it. I had heard of people battling with mold spots for weeks plus they consistently come back. I decided to do some research. First, I turned the window component A/C to the off setting and also checked that the cooling system was unjammed, however next, I switched into some clothes I was not upset about ruining. I was truly working with extreme chemicals to clean the window component cooling system and really did not want to take any chances, last, I removed the filter from the A/C component and later sprayed it with bleach outside. I was truly working under fantastic conditions, and the weather was perfect plus sunny. I planned on disassembling the window component cooling system plus bleaching every inch of it, then while I was smack dab in the middle of this project, I realized that I did not know how to unattach the window component cooling system from the window. I had to message my friend to come help, however he brought all the necessary tools plus helped me clean the window component cooling system.

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