My best friend helped with my HVAC

My best friend and I have known each other since we were in elementary school.

I remember one time when the air conditioning broke down in my parents home.

My friend’s family told me that I was welcome to spend a couple of days with them until our air conditioning was fixed. He also offered me a window air conditioner for my parents’ home. I asked him where he got the air conditioner and he told me how he had been rebuilding old air conditioners in the basement. He took me downstairs and it looked like an air conditioner graveyard. He had AC unit parts all over the floor and the counters. He said that he had been salvaging AC parts since he was about ten. He worked hard to get these air conditioners put together and then he would sell them. I was surprised at how much money he made when he sold the rebuilt air conditioners. He would sell them for about half of what a new AC unit would cost and there were a lot of people who were willing to buy them. He told me that after he graduated from high school, he planned on going to HVAC technical school to get his certification. He tried to talk me into going with him, but I had no interest in working on air conditioners or even on heating systems. I was going to let that up to him. Now that we have our own families, he and I still spend a lot of time together. Usually he comes over just to make sure our heating and air conditioning is working well.

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