My best friend is always helping me out with my HVAC system

I have the best friend of all time.

Ever since we were youngsters, he has always had my back.

I can even remember the time when the A/C in my home broke down and he asked his parents if I could stay over at his place for a few days. I was so relieved and comfortable relaxing at his place. It’s funny, all this talk got him interested in heating and cooling equipment. He was saying to me when we were kids that if everybody had problems with their HVAC equipment, there definitely was a lot of money to be made by repairing HVAC machines. I agreed with him but I didn’t think that I would want to work on complicated machines like that. He really was interested though and many times we went to see what people were throwing away and we even found a few old window A/C units. He worked on the window A/C units for most of the summer trying to figure them out. Eventually, I was impressed when he showed me that he got one of them to work. It didn’t take much longer for him to get the other A/C window unit working as well. He was able to sell them for a pretty hefty price when he cleaned them up really good. He even took me out to eat when he got paid. Eventually when we were older, he ended up going to a trade school to get his HVAC certification. He wanted me to join him, but I wasn’t really interested in becoming an HVAC technician. These days, he is always helping me out with my HVAC system for almost nothing in return. He is such a great guy.


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