My brother is almost ten years older than me and he has always been someone that I look up to. We have always had a great relationship and I regard his opinion very highly. My brother has been working for the same company since he graduated from college and they just gave him a giant promotion. I was so happy for my brother because I know that he works hard at everything he does and he really deserves all of his success. My brother invited me over for dinner last week so we could celebrate his big promotion and when I got there I noticed there was an HVAC truck in the driveway. I asked my brother if anything was wrong with his HVAC system but he told me that he was replacing the flooring in his bathroom and getting radiant heated flooring. He said that he wanted to get the radiant flooring for the bathroom to reward himself for his big promotion. I had no idea what radiant heated flooring was and he explained that it was a way to heat up a room by warming the floors. He said he really wanted the radiant flooring because it would be so nice to get out of the shower and have warm tile floor instead of the cold tile he is used to now. I am so happy for my brother and his new radiant heated flooring. I hope that one day I will be able to have a nice house like his and also have radiant heated flooring as well.

Sacrificing comfortable air quality to lower your bill

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