My buddy and I managed to start a very successful HVAC business

After working for an HVAC company for a long time, my buddy and I decided it would be great to start our own HVAC company.

Something that really bothered us was that our HVAC company didn’t really specialize on selling and installing ductless mini splits.

I never really understood this. Even when we did install these HVAC systems on rare occasions, the HVAC company would charge an outrageous amount of money for the installations! My buddy and I were thinking we could start an HVAC company that focused mainly on these incredible HVAC systems. We have installed these systems on numerous occasions and they are so easy to have installed! You just have to strategically place all of the indoor HVAC units and all the connections are relatively easy. Even the average homeowner could honestly install these HVAC systems with just a little research and electrical know-how. So we started our little HVAC business and we went around to people to talk to them about ductless mini splits. People were intrigued by these ductless HVAC systems. We introduced the concept of HVAC zone control and massive energy savings with ductless HVAC systems. Before we knew it, we were getting a ton of business installing ductless HVAC systems. We charged fair rates for our installations, and business was really booming in no time. After a short amount of time, we had to hire other HVAC professionals to help out with our HVAC business! We even hired some of the HVAC workers we used to work with at our former HVAC company which was fantastic!


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