My husband and I haven’t been traveling for a few months now so we thought it would be a good time to go on a little vacation and have some alone time. We have three kids and they can be quite the handful. Since my oldest daughter is seventeen we thought it would be a good idea to let them stay alone without having a babysitter. My husband and I laid down some ground rules because we wanted them to know what our expectations would be while we were gone. We also needed to make sure they knew what their chores would be during the weekend. One thing I wanted to make sure the kids did while we were gone was change the HVAC filter. I wanted to make sure they knew how important it was for them to change the HVAC filter while we were gone because it could potentially destroy our HVAC system if the filter wasn't changed in time. Well, when we returned our trip I asked how everything went and my daughter told me right away that she forgot to change the HVAC filter and that the air filter was jammed up in the HVAC unit because she didn’t change it in time. I am really annoyed by this because I know that having an HVAC company come out to the house to fix the jammed air filter would be pretty expensive. I am going to have to take the cost of the repair out of her allowance.

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