My kitten is scared of the AC

My boyfriend and I found a kitten under our grill in the backyard.

Her mom had abandoned her, so we decided to adopt her and give her the best life we could.

Within a day, she was already getting comfortable with her new life. She had toys, good food, a soft bed, and lots of love. The only thing that really scared her was the window unit air conditioner. When the AC comes on, she jumps up high into the air. When the air conditioner turns off, she is playful and carefree. I noticed this fear by accident. I am used to the window unit AC turning off and on throughout the day. The noise is loud, but after time you will get used to it. We have had the kitten for a few days and I think she is already beginning to adjust to the loud window unit AC. This morning when the window unit AC kicked on, she didn’t jump off and scurry under the bed like she had done in the past. In fact, she didn’t even move when the window unit AC came on this time. I have had cats in the past, but never one this tiny. She is so small that I worry she will fall through the cracks in the sofa. She has only been in our house for 5 days and she has already adjusted to the window unit AC. I am happy she is such a brave kitten.

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