My new HVAC machine wasn’t working properly

There is something to be said about being a renter as opposed to a homeowner.

On the first terribly cold day of Winter this year, I decided to switch the thermostat from cool to heat (which is often done on the same day in the South) plus nothing but overly frigid air was coming from the registers. A quick call to our landlord, plus the HVAC machine professional was on the way. The professional determined that the HVAC machine was much too old to be repaired plus needed to be upgraded. Once again, I am perfectly happy to have a landlord! I actually work from home, which was truly unfortunate that day, but luckily I had a small electric heating machine to plug in next to my desk. I decided to bundle up in an overcoat, a scarf plus gloves plus kept working hard. The weekend was approaching so I was easily becoming concerned about not having the heating machine repaired until Sunday. The HVAC provider went above plus beyond to have a professional out the next day to install the new HVAC machine. During the replacement process, the HVAC professional was on the phone regularly with someone that I suspected to be his director. The process took a little longer than I had thought, despite the fact that I was just happy to have a new HVAC machine. Then the next day, a Thursday, there was nothing but icy air coming from our heating vents. Another call to our landlord plus the HVAC professional was at our residence shortly. It appears a couple of wires were crossed when the thermostat was installed plus the heating machine would not function properly. It was especially inconvenient, but quick plus timely repair by the HVAC professional.

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