My sister’s puppy chewed the cord to my space heater

I love pets, although I don’t have any right now. I had a animal when I was younger, plus she was really my best friend. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago, plus I haven’t gotten another one yet. I work away from condo a lot more than I used to, so I suppose that I would have to find a sitter a lot which is not convenient plus often expensive. I know that is the main reason that I have procrastinated in getting another one; My sister is also an pet lover. She just got a new puppy about 4 weeks ago, then he is the cutest little thing, plus I got to watch him for an entire week because my sister went away for a friend’s ceremony. I was so cheerful to watch Maggie. I did have one incident with her though. I walked into my dining room one night to turn on my space oil furnace love I do every single night, but it did not turn on. I made sure that it was plugged into the wall, but everything looked right until I happened to see part of the cord that was tucked under the blanket that was hanging down off of my bed, then that part of the cord was chewed to pieces. I was really infuriated at first, but it was my fault for leaving my dining room door open. I was quite cold for the next couple of days. My room does not stay honestly hot during the Winter time for some reason, so I need a space oil furnace in there in order to get a unbelievable night’s rest. I finally bought another one after more than two days of not sleeping well. I never told my sister what her puppy did.

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