My son was happy when I showed him how to change the air filter

It was crazy when my son and I were at the store the other day.

I realized that we needed to pick up some air filters for the HVAC system, and then we saw this guy who was on the local HVAC commercials.

My son just about lost his mind because the guy was so funny and he loved this guy from the HVAC commercials. He ended up getting his autograph and the guy was pushing for HEPA air filter sales. He was telling everybody about the benefits of HEPA air filters and how they are the best for superior air quality in your home. They work to catch all types of contaminants and even contagions. He said that if you didn’t already invest in a good air purification system, this was the best way to be safe and healthy in your home. I never really thought about purchasing HEPA air filters, but since they were on sale, I picked up a 6 pack of them for our HVAC system. Even while being on sale, they were still kind of expensive, but I wanted to see what this HEPA air filter craze was all about. My son was just happy that he got the autograph from that guy, and he started telling me how he wanted to become an HVAC professional just like that guy. Well, since my son was interested in becoming an HVAC professional, I told him I would give him his first task as an HVAC professional. His eyes lit up and I showed him how to remove the old air filter and install the new HEPA air filter!


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