My wife and I can not seem to agree on anything these days. I think it has to do with the fact that we have been spending so much time together for the last few months. However, I don’t think that I can take it anymore. I really hate fighting with her because we have never been that couple that fights a lot. The thing that we have been fighting the most about lately is the temperature of the house. I love for the house to be freezing cold and my wife likes the house to be warm. This has never been an issue for us before because we don’t spend too much time at the house during the day together, but now that we are both working from home the HVAC system has become a big issue. I started to do some research on ways to resolve our HVAC issues. I read a few articles about the zoned HVAC so we can have each room be a different temperature. This way we won’t have to argue about what temperature we have the thermostat set to. We can just go to different rooms and be happy! I think we really need to invest in zoned HVAC so we don’t have to fight anymore and we can save our marriage. Who knew that this was going to be the thing that helped us stay together. I really hope it works because it will be an expensive investment!

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