Nelly and her New air conditioning system

Kelly was always complaining about something… Kelly and I worked together for numerous years, and there was seemingly always something in her life worth complaining about to me, but her hubby was so nice to her and she was never satisfied anyways! One year for Christmas, he surprised her with a brand modern car out of nowhere and she complained that is was the wrong color! I told myself I absolutely would never act care about that, however Kelly came from a family who had a lot of cash.

She therefore usually got whatever she wanted and rarely had to work for it.

One particular Summer, the air conditioning system equipment in her lake house went out unexpectedly; During this time, she was more unpleasant than usual to deal with. Her hubby decided to buy her a modern air conditioning system in cash and have it installed while she was at work. Her hubby had the local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier come out and had a team of highly trained Heating and Air Conditioning professionals hastily install the brand new modern unit, then when Kelly returned beach condo from work, she did not even say thank you to her husband although there was a noticeable difference in the temperature inside the modern condo. Kelly went about her night as nothing had happened, however it turns out that was the morning her hubby decided that finally he was going to divorce her. There was someone out there who would actually appreciate and love his generous gifts and Kelly was not that person, but many of the people in our office guess Kelly’s hubby and were in on the surprise. When they later asked her how she liked the modern air conditioning system equipment installed in her condo, she simply said “it’s better than no air conditioning system”.

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