no air conditioning so far

The moment that Sue found out that there wouldn’t be air conditioning system effectively blowing down on her all morning was 1 of the happiest single moments of her life, however Sue had been working at the same desk for numerous years already.

  • Despite numerous requests to the property owner, her ongoing air conditioning system issues had not been resolved.

Everyday, it seemed like she came to work with an extra layer of clothing or two because of how freezing she would get while every one of us were sitting around in the morning at her desk, and unblessedly, she unfortunately sat directly under an air conditioning system vent every single day and it was not bendy. The only thing for her to do to keep warm was to wear more clothing. In the Winter months, her boss often allows her to keep a small electric furnace under her desk in order to keep her warm. She often brings a blanket to her desk in to keep over her legs on the really freezing afternoons. Sue is a really strenuous worker and rarely complains to anybody about anything. When the modern employer observed how completely blissful she was about the broken air conditioning system, she personally decided something needed to be done. Sue was about to find out that she was going to be quickly moving to a modern office with her own thermostat! All of the incredibly strenuous work and freezing afternoons were beginning to pay off. Sue instantly started to finally decorate her modern office in her head. She was mostly gleeful at that point to have her own thermostat to control the air temperature in her modern space. Sue deserved this promotion more than anyone.


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