Northern Newbie Need All the HVAC He Can Get

It made a very big difference, at least thus far

I am now going into my third winter in an area know for bitter cold, snow and many months of winter. The first winter stunned me so badly that I can’t really even recall how I even got myself through it. Last winter, I was still not prepared for the amount of time the winter went on and on. However, I did know considerably more about just how to manage the cold. The HVAC furnace became my new best friend. There were expensive coats, glove, hats and boots purchased prior to the start of winter. Even the start of winter throws me all off. Where I come from, late October is all about the leaves and enjoying awesome temperatures. Up here, if you aren’t ready for winter by Halloween, you are way far behind. This year, I had the HVAC professional out to service the HVAC heating system in late September. Luckily, the home I bought when I got here came with an HVAC unit which was only a few years old. The HVAC does a very good job and is quiet efficient. However, I always felt that I just never could really get warm in my house when it got so awful cold outside. The HVAC tech helped me understand that the HVAC furnace can only do so much. He suggested that I spend some time making sure the house is as tight as it possibly can be. So, I did just that during October. I sealed every crack or gap I could find and changed out all the weather stripping on all the doors. It made a very big difference, at least thus far. The real cold is just about to get going now.


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