Now the kids can actually use the treehouse

During the summer time weather in these parts of the world, the rapidly changing temperatures are usually around 90 or 100 degrees in the peak of afternoon.

It is very tepid & humid & all the people in the area necessarily have an AC component in their home.

It’s nearly impossible for modern man to survive the heat & humidity without the aid of cool air. There absolutely are some great ways to stay relatively cool if you do not have any AC at home. A wet towel on the back of the neck can often bring the entire body temperature down by a few degrees. You can also make your own AC if you place a wet towel on the front of a fan. The air blowing through the wet towel will absolutely feel much colder than the surrounding air. Occasionally there is still nothing that makes the warm air feel better besides AC. My wifey & I have a tree house built up in the backyard. We had the tree beach house built for the grandchildren ten years ago. Unluckily, it’s often too warm outside for the youngsters to stay up there for long to play. My wifey & I thought about the problem we faced & the people I was with and I decided to buy a portable AC system just to keep in the treehouse. We built a small hook to place the small portable AC unit whenever the people I was with and I want to use it in the treehouse at any given point. When the youngsters go home, our wifey & I remove the AC unit once again & store it in the garage until the next time that the people I was with and I require some cooling power.

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