Our boss is actually a genius when it comes to running the HVAC company

We ended up getting so much business from customers all around the community

Recently, our boss at our HVAC company started a new thing where he wanted us to go to people’s homes and ask them questions. I wasn’t sure if there were any legal issues by doing this. I personally have never been a fan of solicitors, but the boss really wanted us to do this during the down seasons when we weren’t so busy. So we got out there and started talking to people and would ask them survey questions. We asked people if they were satisfied with their HVAC systems and their HVAC services. We asked people if they were happy with the air quality in their homes. We also asked people if they knew about HEPA air filters and the benefits they bring to households. Surprisingly, a lot of people really engaged with us when we asked these questions. They became very interested in learning about improving the air quality in their homes, especially with HEPA air filters. We even talked about using UV air purification systems and how the UV light works to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. We also got around to discussing HVAC service plans so people might sign up for these contracts. We ended up getting so much business from customers all around the community. They enjoy our HVAC company because we provide excellent services at a superb price that can’t really be matched. With all the business that picked up during the down season, I realized that our boss was a true genius when it came to running the HVAC company! It’s no wonder the company is so successful.