This past winter was positively brutal. The temperature dropped in September and there was several feet of snow on the ground by Halloween. We experienced temperatures down to twenty-five below zero for several weeks straight. In January, we got hit with a severe snowstorm. It brought high winds and we lost power for five days. Without electricity, we can’t run our refrigerator, lights, internet or even flush the toilet or take a shower. Plus, the furnace won’t run without power. We were left without heat when the outside temperature was well below zero. It simply wasn’t possible to remain in our home. We needed to pack our kids and suitcases in the car and brave the icy roads. There were travel bans in effect. It was definitely dangerous to be out on the highways, but we had no choice. My husband was unable to drive over twenty miles per hour because of the white-out conditions. We stopped at the closest hotel and paid a fortune for a room. The hotel had raised their rates because of the storm. We then worried about the water pipes in our home freezing and bursting. We stayed at the hotel, taking advantage of their running water and heating system until power was restored. It was a very inconvenient, stressful and expensive experience. We don’t ever want to repeat it. Once we returned home, I immediately contacted a local HVAC contractor and scheduled the installation of a backup generator. With the backup generator in place, we no longer need to worry about power outages. In the event of a failure, the generator automatically takes over and provides sufficient power to run all of our essential systems, including the furnace and water heater.

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