Putting my air quality first

My city has finally been lifting a lot of the pandemic restrictions. It seems like it has been forever that I have been stuck inside, only hanging out with my friends and family over Zoom, and generally being a hermit for the greater good. Now that my freedoms are trickling back into my life, I’m not sure how to proceed. For so long I wanted to “get back to normal” and now I realize that I don’t remember what normal felt like. I no longer have that burning desire to go out and mingle with people, I want to stay inside protected by my HVAC system and its many air filters. Never before in my life have I ever done so much research on air quality, and the things we breathe in without knowing it. I know that my A/C system doesn’t give a magic shield against the world, but it at least gives me a little bubble. Inside this bubble, the air filters recycle the air over and over, so unless new, outside contaminants are introduced, things stay nice and clean. With the restrictions being lifted, I don’t want to go out, I want to have an HVAC tech come over and take a look at my entire system. With air quality being so important, I could probably use a tune up, or suggestions on how to make the air quality even better. Since I am taking my air quality seriously, I should get an expert opinion on more steps I can take for my health and safety.

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