Reaching out for some assistance

Every so often I end up getting myself so deep into a problem that I have no choice but to reach out for some help.

I know this might sound like something that everyone has to deal with and it’s not as crazy as I am making it out to be, but for a guy like me who always takes care of things on his own this is the worst.

Ever since I was a little kid I prided myself on being able to solve any problems that came up. My favorite toy broke? I would fix it up myself no problem. As an adult nothing has changed in that regard. That’s why the other day after I spent hours and hours trying to repair my broken down air conditioning unit and finally had to reach out to “real” HVAC professionals I felt so terrible. I have fixed up my old air conditioning unit many times over the past few years, but it is finally getting to the point where it just needs to be replaced. Despite knowing this I tried all I could to fix it to no avail, and when the repair tech arrived from the local HVAC repair company he did all he could before telling me pretty much the same thing. It really did hurt my pride having to watch that repair tech haul off that old A/C unit that I had kept running after all of these years, but at least I could still hold onto the fact that he wasn’t able to get it up and running either. Now when I buy a new A/C unit as a replacement I will make sure to keep it in tip top shape so I never have to reach out for assistance again. I totally get this might sound like something only a crazy person would say, but it’s just the way I am!

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