Stripping the grocery store floors

Having a dirty floor in a grocery store is one of the worst things you can have. I mean I don’t know much about picking out fresh fruits, meats and cheeses. But, when there is junk caked all over the tiling, I would not think this would be good for business. This became a pressing problem when our local grocery store started shifting shelves around. I mean it was disgusting. Thankfully, I run a big time cleaning company as well as I was able to help them out with our floor cleaning services. I spoke with the owner of the store as well as explain how I can do for stripping, grout cleaning, waxing and all over floor service to keep the tiles looking clean all the time. The store owner explained to me that they use a local janitorial company but that they would not be able to strip the floors for at least another two weeks. He also told me that I was not the 1st person who told him that the dirty floors where a pressing turn-off. He decided to hire my company when I told him I could strip the floors that exact night. By the next day, the grocery store floors were shiny and clean again. The manager was impressed that, not only had me strip the floors, but had also disinfected the grout as well as waxed the floors before the day the customers came in. My employees as well as I worked throughout the night to get this done as well as to get it done right.

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