Sugo's exploring

For a giant woman such as Sue, going to the beach isn’t always an easy or simple job.

She requires a lot of things at the beach.

She needs a sturdy chair, a hat, sunglasses, an umbrella, and a massive cooler full of water. She then has to haul all of these items to the beach and back to the car. This can be really tiring for an old, overweight woman such as Sue . She enjoys studying her book under the umbrella all day long on afternoons that are not too hot. The last time she went by herself to the beach to relax, she observed that there was a complete lack of a breeze. This was making Sue really uncomfortable. She was only able to stay out at the beach for an hour or even less. When she returned to her car, she observed that the onboard air conditioning system taking a long time to start blowing freezing air. Her car definitely usually look a few minutes to cool down and blow freezing cold air, but this was taking much longer than normal. She actually was about half way beach condo when she realized that her car air conditioning system might have stopped working. Sue’s good beach morning was turning into a nightmare! She eventually took her car to the dealership the following morning. They were easily able to update the faulty section in the vehicle, and she was back to her normal life. Sue has not been to the beach since that morning, but she desperately hopes to return 1 morning soon. She has found it to be much easier these days to go to the beach on an overcast morning where she does not get too hot.

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