Summer break requires air conditioning.

When you are in college, it seems that from the time Christmas break ends, your mind is constantly leaning toward summer.

You start looking forward to Spring break and then to the summer vacation.

When I finally got home, I was surprised to find that it was really hot in our home. I asked my mom if there was something wrong with the air conditioning system or with the thermostat. She told me she had already called the HVAC company, but they wouldn’t be able to get to our home until after the weekend. I asked my parents if they would mind if I were to spend some time at my friend’s house. I called up my best friend and I told him about our air conditioning. He called me back an hour later and said that his parents were all right with my coming over for the weekend. I knew they would have great air conditioning, but I was feeling a bit guilty about my parents needing to stay here in all of this heat. I helped dad to get the fans from the attic before I went to my friends. His mom asked me what had happened to the air conditioning in my home. I told them the HVAC tech was due on Monday, but for now, my mom and dad said it was okay if I stayed at their house. She sent her husband out to the garage and he came back in with a window air conditioner. She told me to take it over to my mom and dad and tell them they could use it until their AC unit was fixed.

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