Surprise visit with my brother

Fortunately, he had a portable heater that I could use as well

When I went to visit my brother, it was a surprise visit. He wasn’t expecting me and he really was shocked. He actually came to the door with a gun in his hand because it was so late when I got to his place. When he saw it was me, his whole demeanor changed. He was really thrilled to see me because it had been a long time since we saw each other. He kept asking me if I was hungry and said he knew a great place that was open 24/7. So we went to this restaurant in the middle of the night and had some great food. I was impressed by the place, especially by their climate control system and air quality. My brother was even saying that he loved the place so much because of the great climate control system. He said he knew the owner of the place and he actually had a nice air purification system installed in the place. I was thinking I would love to have something like that in my own home. The service was great and I noticed that everybody seemed to know my brother. He must go to this place all the time. So when we went back to my brother’s house, he was apologizing because he only had the couch with the pull-out mattress for me. He also only had very thin blankets for me to use. Fortunately, he had a portable heater that I could use as well. He hooked up the portable heater nearby the pull-out mattress so I could be comfortable through the night. It was a nice visit with my brother, but I think next time I’ll give him a heads up about my visit.



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