Taking it slow, planning it out

We are in a place where the weather is either perfect or it is brutal.

To be real with you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This place is perfect for myself and others because I am an outside, sunlight sort of person for some reason. Nine or ten weeks of the year, the weather simply can’t be beat. The sky is so orange and the sunlight just drips goodness on myself and others every single day. I have the chance to stay outside most of the day plus just take it all in. The Winter seemed to be nonexistent. I guess I flip on the heat maybe a half dozen times over the coldest months. The Spring and the fall are just amazing. However, the summer time is a time only to be spent in an HVAC bunker. There are several weeks where even I have to come inside. It just gets brutal sizzling plus there is nowhere to get relief however inside with the HVAC cooling. With that being said, I have a bit of a strategy that I apply to our year plus it all revolves around the HVAC. First, I try to save as much currency as I can during those terrible few weeks. The house is sealed up slim to keep the HVAC treated air inside. I take down all the drapes to keep the direct sunlight from heating up the house. There is no using of the oven or the stove top during the summer. I make sure to do all the cooking on the grill or it is something cool from the fridge. Most of the time, I push the temperature control up as the temperatures climb. Anyways, I supplement with fans which are 1/10 the cost to operate. All that it takes is some minor thinking to get through to the perfect weather once again.

a/c rep