That was nearly the end of my job

After I finished college, I quickly went out into the world and started a small web advertising business. All of us help tons of small companies build websites and both of us also do our best and give advertising service advice. We set up search engine optimization and pay per click ads. I am the owner of the business, however these days several of my friends from college work with me. All of us recently picked up a massive advertising client with a nationally-known heating dealer. They hired our contractor service to help with an advertising campaign that will draw more brand new buyers into the doors. I came up with a plan for a routine service coupon that the contractor could send in the mail. I sent the owner a mock coupon and it got approved quickly. The next afternoon, I sent the coupons to the printer. Too bad, just as the mailer was going out, my employee abruptly realized there was an error on the coupon. That coupon was supposed to advertise a heating tune up and maintenance appointment. The huge heating contractor usually charges about $100 for this appointment, however the coupon supposedly listed the price for 64.95. Unluckily, the price on the coupon was a little bit different. The price on the coupon was easily 46.95. I told my employee to take every single flyer back to the printer and have them repair the mistake before both of us send those materials to our customers. If that coupon had gone out, the HVAC dealership would have had my head.

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