The AC is out in the bar

On a night out with friends, we came across a bar that was very hot and stuffy inside. In some cases, this is not unusual for a bar but this place was not one of those places. We had been to this establishment before and realized that something must be wrong. An employee approached us and told us that the AC was broken and the entire building would have to wait until tomorrow for the HVAC technician to come out. Although it was hot and uncomfortable, we stayed in the bar with no AC. The owner noticed that we did not leave and even offered us half off our tab! We thought this must be our lucky night. We decided to stay the entire night. To our surprise, the bar was actually getting colder as the night went on. The bartender told us that one of their employees was in HVAC technician school and was able to quickly repair the HVAC system. I thought that was really lucky for us. We were only staying for the cheap drinks, but now we were even more excited that the AC was working again. Most of the other patrons left a long time ago because the building was getting so hot. To be fair, it was the middle of the summer and the heat index was very high. We had a great night at the hot bar! Sometimes, it is worth it to stick around. You never know what might happen.

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