The current job has some really cool perks

Some weeks ago, I started my current job.

I applied for a job in the data processing department, but I was offered a new job with a raise as an office manager.

I wasn’t exactly looking for a new job with that kind of responsibilities, but the salary plus benefits made it actually difficult to say no. This current job has some really sweet perks. I get matching contributions to my 401k plus I get every major holiday off with full pay. As an office manager, it’s up to myself and a few others to handle all of the problems that come up in the office from morning-to-day. When there was any concern with the gas furnace, I called my boss to find out the name of our preferred heating dealership. The woman told myself and others that I can choose any heating supplier that I need to use. When I heard that information, I instantly called my sibling, however she owns a small plumbing plus heating supplier in the next town. She has been looking for more business so I knew she would be excited to find out more information about this commercial heating business opportunity. The two of us had lunch the same morning plus I offered my sibling all of the info she needed to secure the property. My sibling had to raise the limits on her insurance to meet all the basic requirements, but this commercial building is aged plus in need of multiple repairs. This place will deliver plenty of work for the plumbing plus heating dealer. I wish I knew someone in my family that owned a copier service dealer. That device is on it’s last legs.

Heating repair