The Halloween event at the school

Some people suppose it’s odd that our local schools celebrate Halloween, but I suppose it’s pretty cool! The thing that’s nice about it is that the teenagers get to go to the school to trick or treat.

They don’t have to be outside in the cold and dark where the people I was with and I aren’t exactly sure about all the candy they are getting, people do all kinds of sick things to candy enjoy put razor blades in the candy or drugs, this is why the people I was with and I constantly make sure to check all the candy before the teenagers even touch it, but at least at the school, the people I was with and I think that it’s so much safer, but it’s also nice just walking from classroom to classroom with excellent temperature control settings, however we’re not outside freezing to death or getting snowed or rained on, the people I was with and I inside with the furnace at perfect settings, and both of us don’t even have to wear sweaters or coats inside and everybody can entirely see the children’s costumes because they are not covered up. There was a concern last year though with the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system for their Halloween event. The furnace was not toiling well, so everybody entirely did have to wear their coats in the school, but it was still better than being outside! The teenagers constantly have a blast, and there’s constantly a meeting locale to get peach cider and donuts after trick or treating. I constantly try to get a seat by the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C vents so that I can recognize the heat from the furnace. When the people I was with and I are done, the people I was with and I get to walk back to the car, crank up the furnace and drive back home.

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