The HVAC tech found the problem with my AC

I don’t think there is anything worse than waking up in the morning and being covered in sweat. The other morning I woke up and that is exactly what happened to me. My wife goes to work early and I was thinking that maybe she had turned down the thermostat before she left. I got up and I checked the thermostat and the temperature was up to eighty-five degrees. I figured that since the temperature was working, so was the thermostat. I tried resetting the thermostat, but nothing was happening. I decided to call the HVAC company and have them check out the air conditioning unit. When the HVAC specialist finally arrived, the first thing he did was to check out the thermostat. He told me that quite often, the thermostat would quit working and it would cause the air conditioner or furnace to also quit working. He went on to explain that many times the batteries will die in the thermostat. People seemed to overlook this and it would be a very simple self-fix. He told me that the thermostat was working well and he went out to look at the air conditioning unit. Within a couple of minutes, he came back and said that there was a small component inside the AC unit that had broken. He went to his service van and he had the component on hand. Once he replaced the component, the air conditioning once again began working. I was really grateful that he the component on the van and that I soon had air conditioning to cool me off before I had to go to work.

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