The job fair offered a Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist

My friends and I were really excited to be able to take the afternoon off from our regular classes.

They had a job fair going on for all of the juniors and seniors in the school.

They had representatives from nearly every field of professionals, that you could imagine. We had the opportunity to talk to the police, firefighters and HVAC specialists. I loved the idea of being able to do a job that was able to give service to the community. I talked to several firefighters and they talked like walking into a burning building was a lot of fun. I heard the underlying fear of the unknown and how being a firefighter could also be risking your own life. Every time you walked into a burning building you didn’t know if you would come out. I also listened to the police and how they risked their lives tracking down criminals. They kept our streets safe and they worked with all of the most dangerous of people. Then we talked to the heating and air conditioning specialist. I loved the idea of being an HVAC specialist. Unlike the police and firefighters, I wasn’t risking my life to save lives, but I would be saving lives by keeping their heating and air conditioning running well. If the air conditioning were to quit working for a family or for an elderly person, I could save them from heatstroke. In the winter, it would be more dire because without the heating, they could freeze. As soon as I graduated, I enrolled in HVAC school to become an HVAC specialist..


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