The joys of life in HVAC

I’ve been employed as an HVAC serviceman for most of my adult life. I’ve enjoyed our task as an HVAC serviceman plus the HVAC supplier that I task for is top rate! I prefer the mechanical aspects of repairing, replacing and putting in some cooling systems as well as putting some oil heating systems and a whole host of other things that people might not think that HVAC servicemens do on a bi-weekly basis. I have to say, though, even in light of entirely working for a great HVAC supplier plus enjoying the HVAC serviceman work, I get the most joy from the customers I serve. My HVAC supplier operates in various counties however even in that I find that I get to think of the people whose heating plus cooling I service. There’s a single lady in particular that, while I dislike to hear she’s having HVAC problems, I like doing the task for her. She’s about 70 years old plus she is constantly so polite. No matter what the issue, whether it be her regular air duct cleanings or complete oil furnace updatement, she never fails to have a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies waiting for me. I can still remember the first time I came to service her oil furnace she asked me just what kind of cookies I liked. I didn’t guess anything about it at the time, however when I came back several weeks later to clean her air ducts, she had an entire pile of cookies plus glass of milk waiting for me. It’s a wonderful thing I don’t have to go there too often, or our HVAC supplier would have to pay a lot of cash to get a bigger uniform for myself and others every year!

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