The neighbors did a great job watching our baby

There’s only so many people we would ever trust watching our baby.

  • A few of those people happened to be our neighbors who have been friends with us for years.

We visit with them all the time and we have had numerous BBQ get togethers and good times. They were there for our baby shower and they have gotten to know our baby very well. Eventually, we decided that we wanted to go on a little vacation, and we decided to ask our neighbors if they would be able to watch our baby for a week. They were absolutely delighted that we would ask and we would trust them to take care of our precious baby. They asked us if there was anything special that the baby needed. Other than the special formula that we provided and the baby food, we couldn’t really think of anything. It wasn’t until we were away on vacation and calling regularly about our baby, that we realized that we forgot to mention the temperature control settings. Our baby loves to crawl next to the HVAC vents and feel the A/C blowing. The baby prefers temperature control settings of 69 degrees because that’s what she is used to. Everytime she hears the HVAC system engage, she laughs and gets really excited. She always rushes to the HVAC vents to feel that cooling air flowing from those HVAC vents. When we were talking to our neighbors about this, we all shared a good laugh and were talking about how much she loves that cooling system. We were so happy when we got back and were reunited with our baby. The neighbors did a great job watching her, and we wouldn’t mind letting them watch her again in the future.

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