The new job has some cool perks

A couple of weeks ago, I started a new job.

I applied for a job in the data processing department, but I was offered a job as an office manager.

I wasn’t exactly looking for a job where the time of responsibilities, but the salary and benefits made it very difficult to say no. The new job has some really cool perks. I get matching contributions to my 401k and I get every major holiday off with pay. As office manager, it’s up to me to handle all of the issues that come up in the office from day-to-day. When there was a problem with the heating system, I called my boss to find out the name of our preferred heating company. The guy told me that I can choose any heating company that I want to use. When I heard that information, I immediately called my brother. He owns a plumbing and heating company in the next town. He has been looking for more business and I knew he would be excited to find out more information about this commercial heating opportunity. We had lunch the same day and I gave my brother all of the information he needed to secure the property. My brother had to raise the limits on his insurance to meet the basic requirements, but this commercial building is old and in need of several repairs. The place will provide plenty of work for the plumbing and heating company. I wish I knew someone in the family that owned a copier service company. That machine is on it’s last leg.



Heating repair