The only thing that could make lab worse

I’m a biochemistry student at school at the moment.

I’ve recently been tracking particular specimens’ reaction to a controlled environment slowly getting warmer and even more warm.

I started the specimens off in a refrigerator and then moved them into a freezing lab whose weather conditions I controlled with the smart thermostat on my phone. It was all going exceedingly well until about the halfway mark of my little experiment. As I was increasing the temperature on my smart thermostat app, I had noticed that the lab wasn’t getting any warmer. It was truly substantial that the heating unit could adjust to my swings at exactly the moment that I updated them. I left my dorm and rushed over to the lab to check out the physical thermostat. It was showing that the temperature was set to a high temperature, just appreciated my smart thermostat app, but the oil furnace wasn’t doing its job and it was making an odd noise. I sent a message to my mentor and she came to the lab to check out the broken oil furnace as well. Neither a single of us were Heating and A/C contractors so the two of us called my college’s Heating and A/C provider and they sent out a licensed Heating and A/C contractor instantly to help. Unluckily, the oil furnace was in such terrible shape that they ended up having to update the entire oil furnace. Without needing to say, my project was a bust and I had to start the whole thing over. I can still say, however, that the current oil furnace that was installed works absolutely well and I was able to finish my project by its due date.

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