The spirit of the old oak wood tree will stay with me long after we use all the wood in our fireplace

But the comfort of the fireplace is like nothing else in our beautiful home.

A couple of years back, we had to cut down the old oak tree in our backyard area. The tree was very large and it took a whole crew of people to split up the tree into sections of firewood. The good thing was that wood would last us for a long time, but of course we had to wait years for the wood to be nice and ready to put in the fireplace. We had all the wood placed into our wood supply area and let the wood dry over a few years. It was sad having to take down that tree, I remember we used to climb it all the time when we were younger. I actually inherited this property from my parents when they passed away and I would probably pass down this property to my own kids as well. When we finally started using the oak wood in our fireplace, that wood burned great. It would burn for such a long time and keep us nice and toasty while sitting around the fireplace. Of course we had an HVAC system as well so our gas furnace could be cranked up if we ever felt too chilly in our home. But the comfort of the fireplace is like nothing else in our beautiful home. We all love to sit around the fireplace and tell stories. I don’t even keep the TV in the same room because I feel the fireplace is sacred and it’s for family time, not TV or electronic devices. When we were burning that oak wood, I felt like the spirit of that old tree was with us, and it felt really peaceful and relaxing. The smell of the wood was incredible and I think that will always stay with me long after we use up all the wood.

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