We don’t need heat in the south

I live in a southern part of the country and to say it’s hot outside is an understatement. The weather is always hot here and it’s not cooling down anytime soon. Right now it’s May and that means the weather is only going to get warmer. I really don’t love the hot weather but I can’t stand to be cold so I don’t plan on leaving this climate anytime soon. However, this means that I constantly have to have my HVAC system checked to make sure that it’s running properly. In the south you can’t risk having your air conditioner breakdown because it gets so hot outside that it might be bad for your health. I know a lot of people that live up north have to work about the heating system in their homes but that has never been something we have to worry about. I don’t even have a heating system in my home because I don’t have a need for it. Even in the middle of winter it still doesn’t get cold here. If I ever needed a heater for some reason I would just go out and buy a few space heaters to keep around the house. I don’t see the need for a heating system in my house because it would be an extra cost to make sure it’s constantly working. I don’t think that I am ever even going to consider getting a heating system in my house because I `6

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