We had a terrible road trip after the AC died

Many afternoons ago my partner and I set off on a numerous-day trip across the country to go and also visit our parents for a few weeks.

With how crazy our jobs have been for us and plus the current concerns going on in the world, it has been far too long since we have spent time with close family. Then, up until this road trip neither one of us had been on a road trip that had lasted more than a handful of hours… So to be even-handed, we didn’t suppose what to expect. And before the adventure began we did our best to prepare ourselves for the long trip ahead by bringing a large amount of supplies and also things to keep us occupied, but one thing that we forgot to add to the equation was the A/C inside of the car, or the lack thereof it seems. After only five hours into the trip while we were in the middle of seemingly nowhere, the A/C unit suddenly stopped easily working. And this was especially concerning considering the fact that we still had 12 more hours to go on the trip and the majority of it would be through areas that were extremely warm at the time. My partner had told myself and others time and time again that taking our aged and also beaten up truck rather than our modern automobile would lead us to concerns such as this one. And despite this fact, I wasn’t willing to put so numerous miles on our modern car. Well, now that we are facing the rest of this trip with no A/C other than when we stop to use the restroom or eat food, I know that I will leave the decision making on future trips to my smart partner.



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